Ammiy 18 Pcs Makeup Brush Set


These are such an awesome quality brushes. They come in a nice beige pouch and carry all the brushes neatly. The brushes go in separate loops and don’t rub against each other so they will not get damaged. This set has 18 makeup brushes in different shapes and sizes and are good for any makeup product you want to use them for. There are round brushes in different sizes, and also there are two fan brushes too for applying powder and also the eyelash comb and eyeliner brush. This is such a versatile set. The brushes are very well made and of good quality. The bristles are soft and apply the makeup evenly. They work wonderfully for dry and liquid makeup.

Quality of bristles is very good and they don’t irritate my skin. The bristles are strong and don’t shed while using and cleaning. Handles are well designed and they are comfortable to hold. I love this easy to carry set. This will make a perfect gift too as the bag it comes in looks so beautiful and the quality of brushes is great.


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