Professional Soft 9 Piece oval makeup brush set



I was so excited to get these set of 9 brushes. I ordered this for my daughter who turns 16 on Jan 1 and she loves to dress up occasionally. At this age girls love makeup products and so does my daughter. I wanted to gift her a brush set that is extremely good quality and easy to use.

This set of brushes contains 9 brushes with different shapes and sizes and can be used for various purpose. There are 2 big brushes and rest are smaller for applying eye shadow or for using on smaller areas. Bristles are synthetic and very soft and they help applying makeup very smoothly. I used then a few times and cleaned them after every use and bristles are strong and don’t shed off. Handles of these brushes are made of plastic that looks sturdy and should hold up well. They also have metallic silver bands on handles which looks so pretty.  I love the quality and craftsmanship. They come in a nice black box which makes then ideal for gifts and the box also could be used for storage. Cleaning these brushes is easy and they dry quickly after cleaning. I am very happy with this set.


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