Velice Womens Cotton Vintage Style Crew Socks


I ordered the “Velice Womens Cotton Vintage Style Crew Socks 5-pack” by Velice and it was shipped and delivered on time.
These socks came neatly packed in a zippered bag. This set has 5 pairs with different colors. They have two types of sets – one with bold colors and one with sober colors . I ordered the Color V-2 set which has not-so-bold colored socks. These socks are made of cotton, nylon and spandex and are very soft. Material is not thin like some of the brand name ones. I love the beautiful vintage design and weave. This set is very different than the socks that I have been using and is a perfect addition to my collection. I love that the design on foot, and band is different. Its not the all-over kind of a design that makes it unique. Elastic is soft but holds the socks in place perfectly. We are 3 females in the house with shoe sizes between 5.5 and 7 and these socks can be used by all as they are good for shoe sizes 5-9. I love all the colors too. They are not very bold and will go well with my style of dressing. I can use these for formal and casual occasions depending on the outfit. Beautiful set and I love it.


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