Inflatable Lounger from TOLOCO


My Rating : 2/5

I ordered the “TOLOCO Version 2.0 Inflatable Lounger Parachute Nylon Fabric One-chamber Light-weighted Waterproof Air Chair Sofa Couch Hammock for Indoor or Outdoor Hangout Camping, Hiking, Beach, Park & Swimming Pool” by TOLOCO.
I saw this inflatable lounger a few months ago on amazon and since then I have been wanting to try this out because it looks as awesome. This lounger comes in so many pretty colors and it was difficult to order just one. I choose dark blue because my daughters love blue color.

The Positive: This lounger came neatly packed in a bag and is made of ripstop parachute nylon fabric which is lightweight yet very strong. This came with a sheet with some instructions. We were so excited to get it that took this lounger outside in order to inflate it.

The Negative: After 30 minutes holding it and running in the backyard we came back disheartened. It was a major setback. Its practically impossible to inflate this lounger when there is no wind. I will not let speed of wind decide my vacation plan. The second day it was not too windy but we were able to get it a little inflated. Secondly this things keeps rolling over if you try to get up from a lying position. Its goes upside down. Balancing is a problem . I love the design and concept of this lounger but it needs some refinements to be more liked and appreciated.



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