Beautiful Party Dress from Meaneor

To be honest i shop online a lot but when it comes to shopping for clothes and shoes i am always worried about the fit. A dress can be nice but it it does not fit its of no use. I recently purchased a dress for an upcoming event and that changed my view on online shopping. The seller was extremely cooperative and helped me in every way selecting the right size and fit and i finally got a very beautiful dress that fits like a glove and looks stunning!!.

This dress is from ‘Meaneor’ and is a party dress with heavy embellishments. Its a sleeveless deep neck dress with very intricate work on front and back. Craftsmanship is excellent and its stitched very well. Its made of a very nice comfortable fabric with detailed work on top net layer. The color of this dress is also very pretty. Its bold color yet not too bright and looks pretty. Since this dress is heavily embellished it just needs a simple small necklace to go with it along with high heels and a cute clutch. I love the fit and overall look and am really very pleased with this experience. If all sellers are so helpful then online shopping will be much more fun and relaxing… thank you Meaneor for everything you did for me


Ammiy 10 Pieces Oval brush set


My daughter has been demanding for a makeup brush set so i researched and decided to get her the oval makeup brushes. This is a very nice set with 10 brushes. Brushes are very well made. Handles are round and copper in color. Design of handles is good and makes it easier to hold and apply the makeup. Bristles are of very good quality. They are very soft and apply makeup evenly and quickly. The best part is bristles do not shed while using . Bristles did not irritate my skin and were easy to clean too.

This set has big round brushes which are good for applying foundation. Different sizes are good for applying any kind of makeup.Bristles are dense and soft on skin. Overall a very good quality set and i am very impressed with it.

Ammiy 18 Pcs Makeup Brush Set


These are such an awesome quality brushes. They come in a nice beige pouch and carry all the brushes neatly. The brushes go in separate loops and don’t rub against each other so they will not get damaged. This set has 18 makeup brushes in different shapes and sizes and are good for any makeup product you want to use them for. There are round brushes in different sizes, and also there are two fan brushes too for applying powder and also the eyelash comb and eyeliner brush. This is such a versatile set. The brushes are very well made and of good quality. The bristles are soft and apply the makeup evenly. They work wonderfully for dry and liquid makeup.

Quality of bristles is very good and they don’t irritate my skin. The bristles are strong and don’t shed while using and cleaning. Handles are well designed and they are comfortable to hold. I love this easy to carry set. This will make a perfect gift too as the bag it comes in looks so beautiful and the quality of brushes is great.

Ecvtop Professional Makeup Kit

I love this makeup palette. It comes in a cute leopard case with snap closure which is so well made and protects the kit inside. It has a small mirror and lots of colors of lip gloss, blush, eye shadow and also a concealer. Colors are very bright and apply evenly. Lip gloss have five different shades and they are beautiful bold colors and apply smoothly. The gloss are also very good quality and don’t fade quickly. Different colors make this kit so versatile and handy and perfect for travel as this small compact kit has everything you need and also does not take much space in your travel kit. This will make a very nice gift for teenagers and also for anyone who travels a lot.


Professional Soft 9 Piece oval makeup brush set



I was so excited to get these set of 9 brushes. I ordered this for my daughter who turns 16 on Jan 1 and she loves to dress up occasionally. At this age girls love makeup products and so does my daughter. I wanted to gift her a brush set that is extremely good quality and easy to use.

This set of brushes contains 9 brushes with different shapes and sizes and can be used for various purpose. There are 2 big brushes and rest are smaller for applying eye shadow or for using on smaller areas. Bristles are synthetic and very soft and they help applying makeup very smoothly. I used then a few times and cleaned them after every use and bristles are strong and don’t shed off. Handles of these brushes are made of plastic that looks sturdy and should hold up well. They also have metallic silver bands on handles which looks so pretty.  I love the quality and craftsmanship. They come in a nice black box which makes then ideal for gifts and the box also could be used for storage. Cleaning these brushes is easy and they dry quickly after cleaning. I am very happy with this set.

Laser Cut Favor Boxes


Holiday season is so close and so is my daughters birthday which falls on the new year. For me celebration starts on Christmas and continues to Jan 1. Every year i plan gifts for my kids starting christmas  upto Jan 1.  I need a lot of favor boxes every year for birthday return gifts.

These laser cut favor boxes are super cute. They are perfect size for keeping stuff like jewelery or candies. Its a birdcage design and done very neat. The folds are perforated and easy to handle. It comes with a ribbon to tie on top.


I also hang gifts on my Christmas tree every year for kids. These cute boxes will be perfect for that and will make the tree look more beautiful. I love the quality and craftsmanship. Attached is the link if you would want to check this amazing product.

Beautiful Hand Crafted Mugs

These Moscow Mule Mugs are simple amazing. Pictures would not do justice to these beautiful pieces. I always wanted a copper mug set because of their rustic antique look and also because its been said that drinking beverages in copper mugs might have many health benefits like reducing inflammation, fighting cancer, slows the aging process and also boosting brain functions. I am no expert to say to what extent these claims are correct but I just wanted to have these for their looks.
This set comes in a nice packing and are well crafted. I love the beveled design on the surface. Handles are big and makes it easy to hold the mug. The edges are rounded and smooth and they hold a good 16 ounces. This set also comes with 2 wooden coasters which compliment the set. Its a perfect set to serve beverages will be loved and appreciated by all.
To know more about this beautiful set click the link below